Thursday, January 19, 2012

QlinkGroup Captcha Entry

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Qlink Group Captcha's Entry Work: Here You can earn upto 50$-USD (2500/-INR) to 200$-USD (10000/- INR) every month by solving Captcha's ( by typing words), You don't need to do any big work here, just sit by typing words by following on screen appearing picture Start Your earning
You can do this work from Home, Cybercafe(internet cafe), office, from anywhere you can, just need computer and internet connection Only need to work 3-5 hours daily Payment every sunday,will transfer to your bank account in indian currency and for non-Indians PayPal, If you want to do this work,  just  send your details by mail:     Your Name:   Your Email id:   Your cell phone:   Your bank account details (for indians only): not necessary on registration, But need while sending your payment   PayPal (For non-Indians):    We are not scammers or thief, So No any registration fee, Its free to setup your account,
WARNING: Beware of scammers! We will never ask for a deposit. Do not accept a job offer that charges you to work on this system. Scammers are trying to pose as QlinkGroup admins, and are NOT admins. They are scammers. Do not type here if you had to pay a registration fee. Contact us if you feel you have been mislead by a scammer for this system, as we may be able to help.
Operator candidates! This login form is for full-fledged QlinkGroup operators only. Please use the proper Login Form.
You Don't Know what is captcha..? Dont worry..!   A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a person. The process usually involves one computer (a server) asking a user to complete a simple test which the computer is able to generate and grade. Because other computers are assumed to be unable to solve the CAPTCHA, any user entering a correct solution is presumed to be human. Thus, it is sometimes described as a reverse Turing test, because it is administered by a machine and targeted at a human, in contrast to the standard Turing test that is typically administered by a human and targeted at a machine. A common type of CAPTCHA requires the user to type letters or digits from a distorted image that appears on the screen. Still Not understand...! For Example: When you sending mail or signup in any site, You may ask to prove that you are a human by showing picture and type that words in below field, Yes..! you guess right, Here also you have to type like that by seeing above picture
Still Not understand...! Don't worry we will help you..!  Contact us now...!

Account Management:

Any account not used for 4 weeks will be removed. Any Operator Candidate account approved but not used within 72 hours will be removed.

Abusing QlinkGroup system will not be tolerated:

It will result in suspending your account permanently, and your payment will be stopped immediately.


  1. Want to solve CAPTCHAs? Get the official QlinkGroup software client for free!
  2. Information page should always be opened for you to hear the overload alarm.
  3. Each CAPTCHA has to be solved within 15 seconds or you'll get suspended temporarily first, then permanently suspended.
  4. QlinkGroup will not be responsible for CAPTCHA count errors, if you are using third-party software to solve CAPTCHA instead of the official QlinkGroup software client.
  5. We will suspend your account forever…
    • if you use third party software;
    • if you try to run multiple instance of the QlinkGroup software client under the same account;
    • if you don't follow the instructions to solve CAPTCHAs as they appear;
    • if you were found typing garbage instead of properly solving CAPTCHAs;
    • if you were kicked out often for not solving CAPTCHAs.
    Accounts permanently suspended WILL NOT GET PAID.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. Sincerely, Customer Service. Contact us:
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